About Author + Artist

About the Author:

Derek Kaloust is a corporate attorney who grew up in the small fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Derek now resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife Nikki and his son Cole. This is Derek’s first book. Derek was originally inspired to write “Hoover, The Talking Seal” while visiting his mother-in-law, Sally Barusso (“Sally the Secretary”). At dinner one night, Sally explained that she often visited a talking seal during her lunch breaks while working in Boston. Not believing Sally’s story, Derek researched the facts and was amazed to learn the true story of “Hoover, The Talking Seal”.

About the Illustrator:

Anna Tillett holds a B.F.A. in illustration from Memphis College of Art.  You can currently find her illustrating her next goofy idea and eating too much fro-yo in the balmy terrarium that is South Florida.